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for government to lie to us or for one branch of the government to lie to another branch of government in order to protect our public safety, then we have crossed the threshold. we cannot accept it is ok for government to lie to us to protect us.
, to the senate, to tell us this program did not exist. yet last week, we had the head of the nsa here lobbying to fund the program. what we need is more oversight. maintain theoth program doesn't exist or tell us lies in congress, then ask us for funding. specifically what we need is more visibility into the fisa court rulings. we understand the need for
>> if we accept the premise it is ok for government to lie to us or for one branch of the government to lie to another branch of government in order to protect our public safety, then we have crossed the threshold. we cannot accept it is ok for government to lie to us to protect us. >> we can't turn into a surveillance state, trying to conductthese kinds of that we all know is improper and probably illegal. you sense something very
the nsa is putting together dossiers on every u.s. citizen, listing who we have relations with, what our activities are. is there any truth to that and why do stories like this persists? it isn't true., we're not putting dossiers up on every u.s. citizen. in fact, we don't have a dossier on you. i have never seen one of your e-
be collecting on every u.s. person, one, that would be against the law for you and two, we get great oversight by all breaches of the government. i must have been bad when i was a kid. we get supervised by the defense department. o.ey see everything we do rea
, but inadvertently, he has revealed to us a whole area of secrecy and activity with telephone collections and other things that are now being
money back. >> we will look at how richmond, california is planning to use eminent domain to help fight the foreclosure crisis. we will speak to laura gottesdiener, author of the new book, "a dream foreclosed: black america and the fight for a place to call home." first, we look at the national security agency and the u.s. drug enforcement administration. dea agents are using intelligence gathered by the nsa to investigate americans and then being order to cover it up. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. jeff bezos is buying the washington post, one of the leading newspapers in the country. the founder and chief executive is one of the wealthiest people in the united states. he will pay $250 million for the post and a number of , less than one percent of his wealth, which is estimated at more than 28 billion dollars. he is a friend of donald graham, chief effective of the washington post company, whose family has owned the newspaper for eight decades. over the past the gate, the companies newspap
100 were winded. state forces and bahrain have crackdown on pro-democracy rallies challenging the u.s. backed monarchy. on wednesday, a rainy police fired tear gas and birdshot at a number of protest in shiite villages around the capital. bahraini opposition activists say more than 60 rallies were organized across the country. the u.s. embassy closed down for the day after activists planned a rally outside. the bahraini monarchy is a key u.s. government ally, hosting the navy's fifth fleet. is warning anions unstable political environment in a growing humanitarian crisis are she central african repuof t collapse. conditions have worsened since seleka rubbles ousted president bozize four months ago. in a briefing to the security council, talk you and officials warned that international support is direly needed. >> the country runs the risk of descending [indiscernible] are police officers reporting it is unsafe to walk. >> much more international support is needed to meet growing needs. critical sector such as water, sanitation, and hygiene have received less than 10% of the funding re
to the u.s. senate and the senate said, are you collecting data on minds of americans? he said, no. the very first sure he we did show they were collecting -- story we did showed they were collecting data. is ann, hasan rouhani upgraded as arends to president replacing mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> if you want the right response, don't stick with a ran in the language of -- don't speak with a ran. >> we will speak with trita parsi. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration has announced it will keep 19 embassies in north africa and the middle east closed from to a week due to fears of a possible military threat. ramped up security measures were in place over the weekend that some of the 22 diplomatic posts shattered by the concerns. saxby chambliss, the top republican on the senate intelligence committee, said intercepted communications were reminiscent of what was heard before the 9/11 attacks. credited the nsa spy programs with detecting the threat. >> these programs are controversial. .
is called for the u.s. to suspend military aid to egypt and call the ouster of mohamed morsi a coup. then, didn't eight-year-old spy for america? we look at how u.s. allies in yemen used a child the place electronic chips on the man he considered to be his surrogate father. days later, the man was killed in u.s. drone strike. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. brotherhoode muslim has called on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi to join the nationwide day of rage today to protest the killings of hundreds of people in a crackdown that began with raids on two cairo sit ins. according to the health ministry, the death toll from wednesday's violence has risen to 638 with thousands more wounded. on thursday, the government authorized security forces to use live ammunition to defend themselves and public buildings. president obama responded to the situation in egypt from martha's vineyard where he is on vacation . he condemned the violence, but stopped short of calling it a coup or announcing cuts to the
are yemeni. the meeting between obama and president hadi came just hours after a u.s. drone strike in yemen killed four people. i yemeni security official said the victims were al qaeda suspects. it was the third u.s. strike in yemen in five days. secretary of state john kerry told pakistanis on thursday he hopes the u.s.. strikes in their country "very, very soon." he made remarks in a television interview following a meeting with the pakistani prime minister. he claimed president obama has a very real timeline for ending the drone strikes. thewhile, investigation by bureau of investigative journalism solidifies claims the cia targeted rescuers at the scenes of earlier drone strikes in pakistan last year. a report by pakistani journalist commission by the bureau found five so-called double tap strikes took place in mid-2012, 1 of which also struck a mosque. in total, the attacks killed 53 people in injured 57. a parallel investigation by the legal charity reprieve found 8 pakistani civilians died in one double tap strike last july. afghan officials said nato helicopter that was called to a
to work with them. they didn't do that with us. in some ways it is reflective of underlying challenges we have had with russia lately. >> president obama also responded to the growing controversy over the wide ranging nsa surveillance programs that edward snowden has revealed. >> a lot of these programs were put in place before i came in. i had some skepticism and i think we should have healthy skepticism about what government is doing. i had the programs reviewed and putting additional safeguards to make sure there is federal court oversight as well as congressional oversight, that there is no spying on americans. we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or e-mail address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. >> edward snowden's father says he believes president clinton will continue to stand firm in the face of pressure from the obama administration to hand --r his son whom the name president vladimir putin will continue to stand firm in the face of pressure from the obama administration to hand
in the attack area and he will join us along with his unlikely ally, arno michaelis, a former white supremacist. they now work together to educate young people to take a stand against violence and hate. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. encrypted e-mail service leaved to have been used by national security agency leaker edward snowden shut down abruptly thursday amidst a legal fight that appeared to involve u.s. government attempts to win access to customer information. the owner of love abit wrote -- lavabit wrote a message online saying he said he was barred from discussing the events over the past six weeks that led to his decision. he went on to write -- later on thursday, another security mail provider called silent circle also announced it was shutting down. new information has come to light about a secretive unit inside the drug enforcement the special operations division. earlier this week, reuters reveal the unit finals information from overseas nsa intercepts, domestic wiretaps, and informants to help d
at the dea, irs agents are then instructed to cover up how they obtained the tips. pakistan, u.s. state department has ordered most personnel to leave the consulate in lahore because of a threat to the mission. gunman in the pakistani city of of aa fired on the vehicle politician driving past worshipers leaving a mosque, killing nine people and wounding 27. attack came one day after suicide bombing attack in the same city killed three people at a policeman's funeral. three u.s. drone strikes killed at least 12 people in yemen on thursday. the united states has not carried out at least a drone strikes in yemen since july 27, killing 34 people, according to the associated press. in news from europe, the unemployment rate in greece has reached a new high of 27.6%. the job market is even worse for young people. nearly 65% of those between 15 to 24 years of age are out of work. the latest unemployment data in greece was released as president obama was meeting with their prime minister in washington. >> greece is going through incredible challenges. and so far, the prime minister has taken so
's defense on deaths resulting from the wikileaks cables, he said -- tosuggested the main harm the u.s. was in souring relations with foreign governments and villagers in afghanistan. manning is facing 136 years in prison after being found guilty on 20 counts for leaking hundreds of thousands of government documents to wikileaks. he was acquitted on the most serious charge against him, aiding the enemy. the prosecution is expected to call up to 20 sentencing -- witnesses during the sentencing phase. the senate held a long-awaited hearing on government surveillance wednesday just as new details emerged on the government spying exposed by edward snowden. the guardian newspaper revealed details about a secret program called xkeyscore. it allows analyst to search with no prior authorization through vast databases. slideing to a presentation provided by snowden, it gives nsa analyst real-time access to "nearly everything a typical user does on the internet." -- while the program is supposed to target oversees internet users, the guardian reports xkeyscore provides the technological evenili
used by new york city are unconstitutional. shira scheindlin wrote that police have a policy of racial profiling, leading them to stop blacks and latinos who would not have been otherwise stop if they were white. attorney general eric holder has officially unveiled a major policy shift to help certain low-level drug offenders avoid harsh mandatory minimum prison sentences. in an address to the american bar association, he address the issue of mass incarceration, noting that it houses a quarter of the world's prisoners. among other changes, he touted an expansion of the compassionate release program for some elderly prisoners and announced a review of racial sentencing disparities, citing a recent study that cited black men received senses 20% longer than white men convicted of the same crimes. >> vicious cycle of poverty, criminality, and incarceration weakens to many communities. many aspects of our criminal justice system exacerbates these problems rather than alleviate them. it is clear that as we come together, too many americans go into too many prisons for for too long, and for n
attack appears to be retaliation for the u.s. killing a deputyal-shihri, health today in the arabian peninsula. a military jet has reduced the maximum possible prison sentence for army whistleblower bradley manning to 90 years. forad faced up to 136 years leaking troves of secret documents to wikileaks. toise lind allowing them merge a number of accounts against him. bradley manning's father has spoken out in an interview with anderson cooper. he says he believes his son is innocent and cannot understand how the leaks were logistically possible and that he was carrytanding in order to out his actions. anderson cooper pross question about what he would say to his son. right off tell him the bat, he had no excuse for allegedly releasing that information. fathom any reason to myself why he should be -- that i should forgive him for doing something like that. that is my code of honor. >> is there any message you want to get across to him? like in quantico, but just before i ended the visit, --is always, i love the sun i love youson. then he would say i love you, dad. >> anonymous officia
a visit from u.s. congressmember's, urging for a dialogue on egypt's future. john mccain said that he believes the ousting was a coup. democratic the aspirations and criticisms of the government that led millions into the streets on june 30. theave also said circumstances of the former government's president's removal was a coup. we have said that we cannot expect egypt or any other country to abide by its laws if we do not abide by hours in the united states. the u.s. army psychiatrist accused of shooting and killing 13 people at a military base in texas said that his trial would show that he was the shooter. --or the dollar hassan, who is representing spoke in court. the prosecution said that he had hoped to kill as many soldiers as he could. they are pursuing the death penalty. in two major, thousands flocked to the capital city of tunis for .emonstrations to the chef has been embroiled in a political crisis in the past two weeks following the shooting of another opposition leader who was killed on july 25. on tuesday, the assembly suspended effective these indefinitely pending a d
. in addition to live fire, egyptian forces used tear gas, helicopters, armored cars, bulldozers to clear the encampments. pro-democracy rallies are being held in bahrain and ongoing challenge to the u.s.-backed monarchy. ahead of the protest, the government sealed off entire neighborhoods and rated dozens of homes while warning activists of decisive measures. at least one major demonstration was organized or the u.s. embassy, prompting the embassy .o announce a temperate closure the sentencing hearing for army whistleblower bradley manning continues today at fort meade, maryland. manning is expected to give a statement for the first time since february and he acknowledged leaking classified documents to wikileaks, saying he wanted to show the american public the true costs of war. on tuesday, his defense attorney argued the military failed to recognize manning was suffering from mental health problems that should have triggered his removal from a war zone at the time of the leaks. the defense's case could wrap as early as today in a decision on manning sentence could immediately follow.
report. a u.s. drone strike killed two people in yemen on saturday. the u.s. has now carried out nine drone strikes in two weeks, killing 38 people. it is the most concentrated series of drone strikes in a decade. yemeni official told cnn the number of strikes was actually 12 and nearly a dozen of those killed were believed to be innocent. the united states has reopened 18 of the 19 diplomatic posts in the middle east and north africa due to an alleged threat. the embassy in yemen will remain closed, as well as the one in pakistan to to an unrelated threat. the guardian newspaper has revealed the national security agency has a backdoor into its databases come along and to search the e-mails and phone calls of americans without warrants. a previously undisclosed rule change allows operatives to search for communications using names or other identifying information. the article was published hours before president obama held a news conference to announce a series of reforms related to the nsa spy programs. >> it is not about me as president having confidence in these programs. the ameri
affiliate has claimed responsibility for the bombings. on sunday, at least seven people died. three u.s. soldiers died in afghanistan on sunday. the u.s. official said that they were killed by insurgents in paktia province. attorney general eric holder is set to unveil a key new policy aimed at curbing lengthy sentences for drug violations. the policy shift will bar prosecutors from noting the specific quantity of drugs involved when drafting cases for minor drug incidents. holder will also announce policies aimed at turning over crimes to state courts and expanding drug treatment as an alternative. has spokenatt damon against president obama's policy on drone strikes. there are a lot of things that i really question, the legality of the drone strikes, these nsa revelations. if jimmy carter came out and said we do not live in a democracy -- that is a little intense. he has got some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor. in egypt, supporters of mohamed morsi how continue to be separated in two camps. the israeli government has approved the construction of near
a dos veteranos de la grra de ir, y us el taser, en su hotel, y tambiÉn le rompiÓ la fuerde servicio, y en el 2011 dio de positivo en a prueba de drogas, dijo que tomÓ una pastilla para el dolor, fue suspendido por 16 aÑos, y tambiÉn en ese aÑo, estuvo involucrado en un escÁndalo, por trajaron, la policÍa joue no incidente el del adolescente investaciÓ lechos se producen en el contextoe un departamento de policÍa que enentÓ serias criticas. >>> el departamento de miami beach es reconocido por los abusos de personas que van allÁ, particularmente la comunidad afroamericana. >>> en los Últimos 7 aÑos, el cuerpo policiaco enfrentÓ dos investigaciones federales, la mÁs reciente del departamento de justicia, jo que el uso exceso de frza porparte de los agentes ocasionÓ muertes que pudieron haberse evitado. >>> apar de estas investigable, la picÍa estu inmea en escÁndalos, agentes ebrios, abuso de autoridad, y superiores que no dieron la talla, alberto millan fue abogado de la policÍa de miami dade, y representa a uniformados, dijo que la policÍa de miami beach no tiene el m
importante que el presidente use su plataforma para elevar la importancia de resolver el problema migratorio pero sin ser Él el blanco o la estrella de la conversaciÓn. porque eso abre la posibilidad de simplemente, hacer esto, una pelea polÍtica. >>> la casa blanca, nos dijo hoy, que no cree que el presidente tenga que ta sarr su capital polÍtico en un solo asunto. >>> vemos el problema en la reforma mi dpgratoria como parte la estrategia. hablan de la inmigraciÓn como un beneficio econÓmico no son temas que compiten uno con otro. >>> agrega que el mandatario impulsara el tema en las prÓximas semanas. >>> los activistas esperan mÁs aÚn >>> la verdad, esperamos que el presidente responda. esperamos ver una serie de iniciativas creativas. la acciÓn diferida que otorgÓ a los dreamers. los republicanos no estÁn dispuestos a ceder. el viernes pasado, su comitÉ nacional, aprobÓ una resolucion que considera otorgar permiso de trabajos temporales. a millÓnes de in doblidocumentan paso a la legislaciÓn. >>> al regresar de su reces, los krep nos de la cÁmara baja no logran plantear u
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)